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Winter is coming

26 November 2013

Hi guys and gals! Today we concluded the dispatch process of our Metal Beards kickstarter pledges, and we deem it's a good time to take a little pause, and talk about what we did in past few months and what we have in minds for future. Also, it's a good occasion to think about some setbacks we encountered and, as always, all those positive experiences we gathered as a hobbyists, gamers as well as a member of Titan Forge crew. If you are interested in our point of view on kickstarter, or our experience we gathered on Essen Game Fair 2013 - take a seat and enjoy! 

This year was a big one for Titan Forge. For the first time we attended international Games Fair that was held in Essen, Germany. We were there, along with such companies as Hasbro, or Zvezda, but also with a smaller ones, similar to ours. This was a great feeling - it marked some progress point we reached - Titan Forge is a company large enough to try to make it's presence outside internet marketing, and attend a convention with the best companies on the market. That made us proud in some way - we grown up. Of course, there is a lot of work ahead of us, and we saw that in Essen. That was also the beauty of it - we could compare our achievements with those of the other companies - and we could learn a lot from it. 
But that's only one of the great things that happened to us in Essen. As always, we met some of our fans and supporters there - having a possibility to chat with you guys is always awesome! Your feedback is always welcome, if you would like some feature to be included on our website, or on our facebook page  let us know! 
Apart from showing our miniatures, we also presented for a first time our another project - LOBOTOMY. As you can see in the picture, we did some flyers about it - a lot of people were interested! LOBOTOMY will be a board game, with the action concentrating around escaping from mental hospital. Sounds cool? Add a whole bunch of miniatures made by Titan Forge - monsters and heroes alike, and couple that with highly detailed board and very interesting rules made by experienced board game passionates - thats what LOBOTOMY will be! Interested? But thats for all you board game geeks, what's in it for tabletop gamers you ask? 

After Drakskull's Menace indiegogo campaign, we wanted to create something more compact and niche. Also, we wanted to check how kickstarter works, if it's different from indiegogo mechanics, and how many supporters we can gather. Thus, we launched a Metal Beards steampunk dwarves. As we wished it to be a small project, we designed them as a Fantasy Football team - a niche and fun project, that will give us the information we need. 
But it was also a big step for Titan Forge - for the first time we could use a 3D printing technology in which we invested. 3D sculpting is a lot different from working with more convential materials and techniques - this present whole multitude of options and possibilities. But we were also needing experience and informations with working with such technology. Small campaign was all we needed - we now have all the informations that were required to launch a lot bigger projects!

And the bigger project it is! Some people said, we didn't give Metal Beards enough credit, that we should let them join Drakskull's Menace, Bloodsail Island and Deamonic Kingdom on the battlefield - and that's exactly what we're going to do. Need beards? We got plenty of them. Need axes? Say no more. Need metal armour, heavy and packed with sheer awesomeness? We oblige. Metal Beards will quit playing games, and will steamroll the fields of battle with heavy weapons, ordnance and neverending sea of beards. We present you a small sneak peak of Metal Beards 2.0 - a stand alone army like the ones we already have in our offer. Winter is coming, and the Metal Beards already started a fire in their forges and are preparing for war!


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