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Another year has passed

14 January 2013

So, 2012 is behind us, with all the great experiences we gathered (and only few downfalls). It's a great time to sum up what happened in Titan Forge for whole this time. So sit back and enjoy!

Beginning of the year was undisputely dominated by Bloodsail Island release. Ogre Pirates constantly grew in popularity, and eventually turned out as a great success. Not only in financial way, but also as a great advertisement for our company. Bloodsail Island begin with few base products, and we slowly added new products to the existing ones, just like Gator Diver Team we presented above. Since their releasement, pirate ogres are one of our bestsellers.

Although making themed armies is one of our main goals, we also release some "stand alone" products, or small series of them. They usually are effect of some discussion we have at he office ("hey, it would be cool to do..."), and are a nice break from making whole series of themed models. We contacted quite a few reviewers (and also were contacted by another few), and their work was really helpfull in reaching new customers. We even had an interview
with famous miss Joey Berry! Ah, the fame...

Another great experience was the ETC. Not only did we meet a lot of our fans, but also we saw our miniatures being used by many players. Nothing is so rewarding as seeing a product of our hard work being used exactly as we designed him to be used. Since we are all gamers and friends, we also had some fun at the event, as you can see clearly for yourselves... Thats what "agressive marketing" look like...

And for the Grand Finale, the indiegogo campaign. A lot of experience gathered from participating in such campaign. Well, we must admit we were surprised a bit by the end of the campaign. When we reached our goal, we were like "yeah, we managed it, now lets focus on producing those miniatures". When we reached 10 000$ we were a bit exited, and when the campaign ended - more then 16 000$ were gathered. For a small and still fairly new company like ours,
it was a great feeling. But after that, came the thought - alright, but now we have to sculpt a lot of miniatures and we don't have that much time, so let's get to work! Now, at the end of it, we created whole new themed army, even bigger then Bloodsail Island in much shorter time. And a army it is! Just check the Undead Wyvern...

Now, what we plan for future? Well, Slawek is going for a well deserved holidays for a few weeks, so we have a lot of time to think what we would like to do next. We definitely plan another crowdfunding project, thats for sure. But what it will be? We also have some cool ideas about new themed armies: how about magma dwarfs/golems? Or whole army consisting of inquisition themed models? Or sci - fi deamonic ninjas? Or... maybe you have an idea? If yes, why wont you share it with us - who knows, maybe we will create whole army based on your idea?

That would be pretty awesome, don't you think?

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