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The countdown begins! Second wave incoming!

10 January 2013

Do you hear the unholy scream of some foul beast? Do you feel the gust of the wind from massive wings? Yup, the Undead Wyvern is incoming, and she is ready to rumble! Now, we know you waited quite a bit for this little girl, and we also know we teased you quite a bit (but no hard feeling eh?), so we dedicated this whole post to some Undead Wyvern madness. However, this beast doesn't come alone! On 21st January whole second wave of Drakskull Menace will hit the shelves! Leading the reinforcements will be Undead Wyvern (duh!), but right behind her will march the Cryptstalk Boyz, followed by packs of Direwulfs. On right flank you will see Ghostboar Riders, and on the left flank Etheral Ghostboar Riders. So, no more teasers, ladies and gentlemans - here she is!

So as you can see, the model is really impressive. It's even bigger then Drakskull on Throne of Death.

What we really like about this model is the dynamic pose (best described as "in your face!") chosen for it by Slawek.

And the infamous zomblin - poor thing. He didn't read "don't feed the beast" sign...

Here you can see the inscription on the tombstone. Do you remember the WIP picture of the Undead Wyvern skull? This time it is shown with the armoured helmet covering the top of the skull. But as we promised - it's an additional piece, so you can choose to not use it. Well, we think the "faceplate" is pretty awesome, but...

Ah, and the fearless rider himself. We had some problems with choosing the best weapon for him - two handed sword? Halberd? Pike? But we went for more barbarian feel. So a great axe and very few armour plates. And skulls. Lots of skulls.

We are really proud of the model, and really glad we could make him! As always, we couldn't do this without our supporters! Thank you for that guys!

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